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UnitedHealth hurts people when it delays or denies care to boost profits. Join us to tell United to stop this harmful practice now!

Despite having health insurance coverage, people are experiencing barriers to receiving care. The largest barrier to receiving care is the private health insurance corporations themselves refusing to authorize or pay for care. United Healthcare stands out in particular as a company that is dominating the privatized Medicare market, making most of its profits off of public dollars and yet, engaging in systemic delays and denials of care. Everyone should have the health care they need, when and where they need it, and we demand UnitedHealthcare stop profiting by denying people their health care.

UnitedHealth Group’s profiteering by denying care is a disgrace, leaving people across Minnesota & all of the United States without the care they desperately need.

Tell UnitedHealth CEO Sir Andrew Witty he must respond to our demands!

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