Organizer Boot Camp: How to Build a Base and Move Into Action This intensive, three-month training moves through the core organizing concepts of power, self-interest, and one-to-one relational meetings, and teaches you how to make propositions, hold effective meetings and create a powerful team. Materials and sessions are in English and Spanish.


Board of Directors

Our board is a diverse mix of leaders empowering communities. Their expertise drives our mission for a brighter, equitable future.
photo of Alyssa Aguilera

Alyssa Aguilera

photo of Larry Stafford

Larry Stafford

photo of Jordan Estevao

Jordan Estevao

photo of Will Tanzman

Will Tanzman

photo of Alex Gomez

Alejandra Gomez

photo of Ken Grossinger

Ken Grossinger

photo of George Kohl

George Kohl

photo of Mary Lassen

Mary Lassen

photo of Michael Lighty

Michael Lighty

photo of Josie Mooney

Josie Mooney

photo of Joseph Mpa

Joseph Mpa

Sulma Arias

Jesse Hoyt

Lizeth Chacon