People’s Action Institute


Fulfilling the promise of a democracy that works for all of us, with elected leaders who fight for the communities they represent. That's the vision of Movement Governing.

We are building multiracial democracy from the ground up.

Our Strategy
& Programs

To build a truly multiracial democracy that works for all of us, we need elected leaders who will listen to, and work with, the communities they represent. 

Our Movement Governing program educates, activates and involves voters in the day-to-day work of governance to reveal the transformative power their votes can have to reshape governments and breathe life into communities. 

Through the People’s Slate and the People’s Pledge, we build relationships with elected officials to advance policies that make material improvements in peoples’ lives.

With deep canvassing, we rebuild faith in democracy and shift perspectives towards progressive, holistic solutions for our economy, environment, the role of government, and healthcare, and dispel the negative myths which are used to divide us.

Fulfilling the promise of democracy and government for all of us, with elected leaders who fight for the communities they represent? That’s the vision of Movement Governing.

Elements of Our Strategy

Bench building

Since its start in 2015, our Movement Governing training program has helped identify and encourage community leaders as they consider running for public office.

progressive policies

People's Action Institute helps elected officials develop and gain support for progressive policies that will protect our environment, help families and create jobs in a clean and sustainable economy.

Deep Canvassing

Through thousands of in-depth converesations, we help voters move towards support of policies that will improve lives in their community and overcome disinformation.


People's Action Institute has developed more than 600 active cogoverning relationships with officials elected to state, local, and federal government.

Our movement champions

People’s Action Institute actively supports elected officials who work to fulfill the promise of a multiracial democracy. We help these movement champions develop and pass policies that work for all of us.
Meet our champions!

Want to encourage your local officials to support working people? Check out our People’s Pledge.

Take the People’s Pledge

People’s Action Institute asks elected officials to take a pledge to refuse big donations from corporations that oppose progress on the issues that are important to our members.