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Health care is a human right. We all deserve to get the care we need, when we need it. Yet private insurers deny medically necessary care over 248 million times every year.

Thanks to those of us who fought tirelessly over the decades, nearly 92% of Americans now have health insurance. Yet there is still critical work to be done, so we can cover all people through Medicaid expansion in every state and the inclusion of immigrants.

Coverage itself is not enough: quality of coverage matters. More and more, private insurers act as barriers to care by denying medically necessary treatments to increase profits.

We believe our public insurance programs must be protected and expanded. This means kicking out profiteers and redirecting resources towards providing more high quality medically necessary care for more people. Only a public system that is fully accountable to the people it serves can deliver the care we all need.

People’s Action Institute’s Care Over Cost campaign helps individuals fight back when greedy insurers deny the care they need. By publicly highlighting the failures of private insurers and holding them accountable, we build the movement for reform to ultimately overhaul our health care system.

Health Care for All

The focus of our campaign

Improved Medicare for All

Pass a comprehensive, single-payer health insurance system.

Corporate Accountability

Reveal the failures of private insurance to deliver the care people need to survive and thrive.

Strengthen Public Programs

Kick profiteers out of Medicare and Medicaid so public funds work to provide everyone the highest quality of care.

Universal Lifesaving Medicines

Ensure anyone who needs medicine can get it, regardless of their ability to pay, including COVID vaccines for the world to end the pandemic everywhere.
About the Campaign

What can you do to help?

When an insurance company refuses to pay for medically necessary care, people suffer. They acquire medical debt harming their credit and ability to pay for other necessities, even leading to bankruptcy. Worse, people do not get medically necessary care and suffer from poor health, stay sick or injured for longer, and even die. 

Visit our Care Over Cost website to learn about our victories, and what you can do right now to help people get the health care they need, when they need it.

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