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WASHINGTON, D.C.—People’s Action today released the following statement by Director George Goehl in response to sexual harassment allegations against New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and his cover up of nursing home deaths:

“Governor Cuomo must resign. We have member groups representing thousands of New Yorkers, and we condemn his recent actions and call on him to immediately step down.

“New Yorkers deserve an elected leader who will fight for them and who will lead by example. Cuomo’s cover up of mass nursing home deaths, and the sexual harassment claims against him, are disturbing and disgraceful. He abused his powers by creating and perpetuating a culture of fear and intimidation while silencing anyone who dared to speak the truth. He is unfit to serve.

“New Yorkers need relief now—Governor Cuomo can help deliver it by resigning.”


People’s Action is a national network of 40 state and local grassroots, power-building organizations in 30 states, united in fighting for justice. We operate the largest progressive rural organizing project in the country. People’s Action and its member organizations coordinated one of the biggest distributed organizing programs in rural areas this election season.

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