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CHICAGO – People’s Action and more than a million of our members around the country are remembering the atrocities of the past two years as they cast their ballots – and we are encouraging everyone we know to remember – and to vote. We Will Remember in November – is part of the Political Healers project.

Some steps our 48 member organizations in 30 states nationwide have been taking:

  • Tweeting #RememberInNovember;
  • Mailing or emailing a postcard to friends reminding them to remember – and to vote;
  • Posting a video message online about what they will remember as they vote.

Voters are remembering – and choosing to end the hate, the lies, the pain. They are remembering the dangerous and cruel rhetoric aimed at women, people of color, people with disabilities, journalists, LGBTQ people, poor people and the working class.

They are remembering the surge in hate crimes, the overwhelming sense of fear that’s been intentionally stoked against immigrants, and the repeal of regulations that protect our land, air and water.

People’s Action and our member organizations nationwide are voting for candidates who support health care for all, livable wages, free college, protecting our environment and dignity for everyone. We are voting for candidates who offer a hand to refugees who have walked hundreds of miles to our border.

People’s Action has endorsed candidates including Ben Jealous in Maryland, David Garcia in Arizona and Paulette Jordan in Idaho. Keith Ellison for attorney general in Minnesota and Ilhan Omar for congress. We are endorsing Jess King and Scott Wallace in Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, we endorse Jeff Smith for Senate and Mandela Barnes for Lt. Governor and many others. All have pledged to support the People’s Action platform of justice and dignity for everyone – especially women, people of color, poor and working class people and LGBTQ.

People’s Action supports these candidates and others because we remember:

“I remember each senator who confirmed a right-wing extremist to the Supreme Court and ignored the voices of survivors of sexual violence, survivors who spoke bravely, clearly and honestly, “ said Jessica Juarez Scruggs, director of policy and legislation for People’s Action.

“I remember each congress member who voted to take healthcare away from millions of people, and dismantling critical protections for children, the poor, and people with pre-existing conditions,” said Sondra Youdelman, People’s Action Campaigns Director.

“I remember the 2,975 people who died after Hurricane Maria struck in Puerto Rico when our government abandoned them in their time of need,” said Rae Breaux, People and Planet First program director for People’s Action.

“I remember that Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water after wealthy corporations poisoned their water supply and elected officials refused to act,” said Ben Ishibashi, People’s Action Climate Justice organizer. “I remember that water and air quality are being destroyed to increase corporate profits.”

“I remember HUD Secretary Ben Carson proposing tripling rents for people living in subsidized housing, threatening the stability of 4.5 million people,” said Tara Raghuveer, People’s Action housing campaign director.

“I remember the millions of people, mostly people of color, who are locked up in an unjust prison system, trapped in debt, their rights stripped away, with no options,” said Daniel Espinosa Krehbiel, People’s Action Mass Liberation campaign.

“I remember – and with love, not hate. I will vote for candidates who value a country that is just, healthy, and allows all people to prosper and thrive,” said Leigh Friedman, policy and communications associate for People’s Action.

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