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As a candidate. Donald Trump railed against Wall Street, but now we know he lied, and he couldn’t be cozier with the Goldman Sachs crowd filling his cabinet.

On Valentine’s Day – conveniently coinciding with #ResistTrumpTuesdays – protesters around the country will rise up to tell Trump and Republicans in Congress “don’t give our wallets to your Wall Street sweethearts.”

Find and join a #ResistTrumpTuesdays protest near your home or office. 

The Consumer Finance Protection Agency has helped 29 million families and returned more than $11 billion from Wall Street back to families. Now Republicans want to gut the agency.

“Trump and Congress are openly going after the financial reforms that made the economy safer after the financial crash,” said Liz Ryan Murray, policy director for People’s Action Institute.

“We’re going to our members of Congress and make sure they know that we’re watching,” she said. “We’re not going to let them crash our economy and make our families worse off just so they can give bankers, loan sharks and debt collectors a big fat kiss.”

What: Protesters will gather outside the offices of their congressional representatives on Tuesday demanding that they protect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – and protect families.

Why: Trump signed an Executive Order freezing rules that would stop retirement advisors from putting their own profit over their client’s best interests. And now he’s coming after the agency Elizabeth Warren founded, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Where: Join Us: Find an event near you on Valentine’s Day, enter your zip code here. 


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